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, the coastal farms. i notice michigan and the great lakes region among coastal because of the influence that goes off in the farm land to the ocean and the water. there was a tremendous amount, a big section on the indians. they had because of a different grouping. it's like a country within a country. how to deal with them. >> neil: a lot about process, right, howard? >> unbelievable. >> neil: this seems to be your excuse why you didn't get to the rest of the regulations. >> there is enormous detail. >> neil: i agree with you. but i want to look to your left and our right. we told you when you were done to neatly pile the papers to the side. look what you have done. you have already violated a federal regulation. i don't know which one. it's probably in the stack you have not read yet in all seriousness, what you discovered is redundancy and nitpicking, but in all reality, you have to be compliant with all of the above. >> one way to handle, i'll tell people if they want to read faster go to mr. i'll give a
on the calendar but if more states go on the 31st including missouri or michigan or the others that are looking at it south carolina would need more time to move to tuesday and that pushes iowa to january 2nd. we will be looking at the responses and how the college football bowls went and counting caucus ballots. >>neil: we got word that new hampshire is moving the date to next tuesday. wild. good stuff. bottom line, suddenly this guy has gone from a changing spot in the polling results. >>guest: herman cain has always been the, i think i can, i think i $i know i can, the engine that could and in all of the focus groups he has come in first or second in the performance. so that is good news. and the key for florida, iowa is going for rick perry. new hampshire is going for romney. south carolina is going for perry. nevada is going for romney. florida is one state i can't call. it is too close to call. and for herman cain, this is an opportunity for him to breakthrough. but i have one question for the people who work for hilton hotels. are you going to refund me the money i put out when new hamps
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)